Asir Laymun (lemon juice): what’s this about?

This blog is adressed to everyone who wants to learn arabic, and specially to spanish-speaking students interested in learning arabic. Why Spanish-speaking students? Because the Arabic grammar is explained in Spanish. This blog is the result of teaching arabic as a foreign language in the University of Granada during the course 2011-2012 (second term).  But what is going to be new other than it’s URL? The aim is to teach arabic through the blog but also to publish the results of my research.

My research focuses on two political treatises of the 14th century visir (prime minister) Lisan al-Din Ibn al-Jatib لسان الدين ابن الخطيب السلماني. He lived in the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada, al-Andalus,  during its political, cultural and scientific apogee. It was the time when the most exciting rooms of the Alhambra was built. The two treatises belong to the so called Mirrors for Princes genre. Both are of political nature and both textes are literary jewels: the Maqama fi l-Siyasa مقامة في السياسة and the Ishara ila adab al-wizara الإشارة إلى أدب الوزارة .

This is what Asir Laymun is about. But expect also comments, photos and videos of diferent subjects taken from all around the arabic world, and specially from contemporary Egypt. Expect texts and comments mostly in Spanish, German and Arabic, few in English.





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