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A-WA شمّك زبد رداعي


مريم صالح – أنا مش بغني

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Mashrou’ Leila: Roman



Equality مساوة# Solidarity تضامن# Intersectionality تقاطعية#

The video self-consciously toys with the intersection of gender with race by celebrating and championing a coalition of Arab and Muslim women, styled to over-articulate their ethnic background, in a manner more typically employed by Western media to victimise them. This seeks to disturb the dominant global narrative of hyper-secularised (white) feminism, which increasingly positions itself as incompatible with Islam and the Arab world, celebrating the various modalities of middle-eastern feminism. The video purposefully attempts to revert the position of the (male) musicians as the heroes of the narrative, not only by subjecting them to the (female) gaze of the director, but also by representing them as individuals who (literally) take the backseat as the coalition moves forward. So while the lyrics of the verses discuss betrayal, struggle, and conflict, the video revolves around the lyrical pivot in the chorus: ‘aleihum (charge!) treating oppression, not as a source of victimhood, but as the fertile ground from which resistance can be weaponised.”

Lamma bada لما بدا

Lamma bada yatathanna لما بدا يتثنى es una moaxaja andalusí موَشََحة أندلسية (ritmo 10/8, modo sama’i thaqil) de un compositor anónimo y que gracias a los hermanos libaneses Rahbani, célebres músicos del siglo pasado, se hizo popular en el mundo árabe.

Cantante: Lena Chamamyan لينا شماميان

Se movía sutilmente – لما بدا يتثنى

لما بدا يتثنى
Cuando empezó a moverse sutilmente,  
قضى الصبا و الدلال
exterminó a las jóvenes con su elegancia,  
حبي جمال فتنا
mi amor con su belleza es alucinante  
أفديه هل من وصال
 Si me entrego por él, acaso vendrá?

أومى بلحظ أسرنا
En un minuto me cautivó  
بالروض بين التلال
en un jardín y entre colinas,  
غصن سبا حينما
hasta las ramas ha hecho prisioneras  
غنى هواه و مال
de su amor cuando cantó.

وعدي و يا حيرتي
Es mi promesa y quien me confunde,  
ما لي رحيم شكوتي
no hay nadie que se apiade de mi ruego,  
بالحب من لوعتي
ni de mi tortura de amor,  
إلا مليك الجمال
excepto el dueño de la belleza.

Letra tomada de sonidosmedievales.
She walked with a swaying gait
her beauty amazed me
Her eyes have taken me prisoner
Her stem folded as she bent over
Oh, my promise, oh, my perplexity
Who can answer my lament of love and distress
but the graceful one, the queen of beauty?

Lyrics from qyanskrets.

مشروع ليلى: بحر

يا ليل إحجبني حجبني بعتمتك
يا ليل إملئني قويني بعتمتك
أخوي شاف السر شاف السر كان حيبوح
أخوي جوا الموج جوا الموج عمبينوح

والصيادين نائمين

يا بحر رجعلي رجعلي أخوي
الموج سرقلي خطفلي أخوي
اخذته حد البحر خلي الموج يطهره
أخذته حد البحر دبغت الموج بدمه

والصيادين غافلين خامدين نائمين

أخوي مع الحورية
رجعوه لي
الموج أخذلي أخوي
رجعوه لي

أخوي راح مع الفجر
لسا ما عاد لي
أخوي بقعر البحر
لسا ما عاد لي


Bahr (The Sea)
Oh night, shroud me; veil me with your darkness
Oh night, impregnate me; empower me with your darkness
My brother saw the secret; saw the secret he would’ve revealed
My brother, seized by the waves, seized by the waves as he squealed
And the fishermen just slept

Oh Poseidon return to me, return to me my brother
The waves have swindled me; have robbed me of my brother
I took him to the shore, so the waves may wash him clean,
And there upon that shore, stained the waves incarnadine.
And the fishermen just slept

My brother lies with the mermaids, bring him back to me
My brother was stolen by the waves, won’t you bring him back to me
My brother left me with the break of dawn, never to return to me
He lies upon the ocean floor, never to return to me.

(Canción en árabe, dialecto levantino. Letra copiada de la página de Youtube de Mashrou’ Leila)

Orange Blossom: Ya Sidi

Feliz Navidad عيد الميلاد المجيد